Durham, N.C. – TruLab proudly announces the appointment of Vimal Patel as their new executive director of business development. With a stellar track record in strategic advisory roles and sales leadership, Patel brings a wealth of expertise to propel TruLab’s mission of revolutionizing clinical trials.

Prior to joining TruLab, Patel served as a strategic advisor for AIO, where he played a pivotal role in bringing practical AI applications to commercial lending. His experience in fostering strategic partnerships and driving revenue growth will be instrumental in expanding TruLab’s market reach and driving business development initiatives.

“We are thrilled to welcome Vimal Patel to the TruLab team,” said Scott Ogle, founder and CEO of TruLab. “Vimal’s natural talent for relationship building and unparalleled strategic acumen align perfectly with our vision of advancing clinical trial technologies. We couldn’t be more excited about the jet engine he brings to our team.”

Patel’s appointment underscores TruLab’s commitment to attracting top-tier talent and solidifying its position as a global leader in clinical trial technology solutions.

About TruLab:

TruLab is a leading provider of clinical trial technology solutions, specializing in real-time sample tracking and management. Leveraging innovative mobile technology, TruLab’s platform minimizes protocol deviations, eliminates paper-based processes, and enhances data integrity for biotechs and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Learn more at TruLab.com.