TruLab, Inc. (“TruLab”) was invited to present at the 2021 American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (ASCPT) Translational and Precision Medicine Networking Meeting on February 10, 2021. The subject of TruLab’s presentation was “Dramatically Improving the Quality of Pharmacokinetic and Biomarker Data”.

“We were honored and thrilled to present at this year’s ASCPT Translational and Precision Medicine Networking Meeting,” stated Scott Ogle, Chief Executive Officer of TruLab. “ASCPT is the premier research organization regarding pharmacology and they represent a perfect platform for sharing the importance of PK and Biomarker data and what steps organizations can take to prevent quality issues that have the potential to stop important clinical studies in their tracks.”

A large audience from pharmaceuticals, clinical research organizations, drug manufacturers, clinical labs, and clinical sites, as well as many others, attended the presentation on an issue that pervades and affects many different organizations and job titles.

“Bad PK and Biomarker data is abundant in the world of clinical trials for pharmaceutical drugs,” said David Chung, Chief Operating Officer of TruLab. “A recent study showed that 20% of samples are lost or deemed unusable in late stage studies. Due to the value of those samples, both financially and ethically, this frequent loss of samples is extremely costly and harmful. I’m really pleased we could present at the ASCPT meeting and offer real solutions to the prevalent issue of bad PK and biomarker data.”

TruLab presented on the most common problems that arise with sample tracking in clinical trials, as well as their unique blockchain-powered technology that grants users an unprecedented ability to monitor samples throughout the trial to ensure quality data.

About TruLab

TruLab, Inc. is a clinical trial technology company that provides cutting edge solutions for biological sample tracking on blockchain. TruLab’s mission is to help biotechs and pharma track samples in real-time, minimize protocol deviations and eliminate paper using innovative mobile technology.  Founded in 2018, TruLab is revolutionizing biosample tracking to advance the research and development of new medical therapies.  For more information, visit