TruLab, Inc. (“TruLab”) is pleased to announce the hire of Danny Sharman as Vice President of Customer Success. Sharman was previously Manager of the Integration Team at Abrigo and brings 10+ years of product integration and customer service experience to TruLab starting on January 10, 2022.

“Danny Sharman is an exciting addition to our team,” stated Scott Ogle, Chief Executive Officer of TruLab. “Danny has shown a brilliant ability to integrate customers with a product and build personal relationships with customers that guarantee a successful use of a given product. We are thrilled to have him join the team and begin interacting with customers new and old.”

While at Abrigo, Sharman wore many hats. He started in recruiting but soon moved into product integration and risk management. Through his experiences at Abrigo, Sharman developed a knack for knowing just how a customer can most benefit from a given product and how to maintain relationships that will benefit both parties for a long time.

Sharman received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was involved with Kappa Sigma during his time as an undergraduate student. His degree in economics provides him with a uniquely analytical viewpoint of the world and a curiosity to how business can create positive externalities for all those involved.

As Vice President of Customer Success, Sharman will be the first point of contact for existing and new customers and will spend his time honing a customer service experience that leaves all parties feeling mutually benefited.

About TruLab

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