Six new members have been appointed to the TruLab, Inc. (“TruLab”) board of advisors. TruLab is proud to welcome R.J. Sims Preston, Julius M. Wilder, Karin Jorga, Kelly W. Padilla, Bimal Shah, and Richard Graham to the board of advisors, effective immediately.

“All six of these board members bring tremendous experience, insight, and wisdom to TruLab and we are honored they are willing to sit on our board,” stated Scott Ogle, Chief Executive Officer of TruLab. “Having people with this much experience in the industry and the issues we are attempting to solve is invaluable to our company. We are excited that they are excited about what we are building here and want to be a part of the revolutionary work taking place at TruLab.”

The new board members bring a collective 126 years of experience in pharmacology and medicine and all currently work in the pharmaceutical/medical industry. There are also five advanced medical degrees between the six new board members.

The board members will serve in a primarily advisory role, overseeing all operations at TruLab and meeting with the executive team regularly.

About TruLab

TruLab, Inc. is a clinical trial technology company that provides cutting edge solutions for biological sample tracking on blockchain. TruLab’s mission is to help biotechs and pharma track samples in real-time, minimize protocol deviations and eliminate paper using innovative mobile technology.  Founded in 2018, TruLab is revolutionizing biosample tracking to advance the research and development of new medical therapies.  For more information, visit