Downtown Durham, NC is the new home of TruLab, Inc. (“TruLab”). Due to a need for a larger space due to the great success of TruLab as well as a desire to be located centrally in the Research Triangle, TruLab has officially moved into an office space on Mangum Street in downtown Durham.

“We are excited about starting this new chapter of expansion in TruLab’s ongoing history as we move our headquarters into a larger space,” stated Scott Ogle, Chief Executive Officer of TruLab. “Durham represents one of the major international hubs of the pharmaceutical industry and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be centrally located to so many world-changing companies. Additionally, we believe the Bull City to be a thriving community of business and culture, and we hope TruLab’s move to downtown Durham can serve as a signal that Durham is a great environment for business.”

The new headquarters will allow TruLab to be centrally located to clients in the Research Triangle and will also allow for the fostering of a new culture at TruLab as the organization continues to expand.

“As this team continues to grow, we knew we wanted to locate in a large office space in the middle of a vibrant downtown scene that will allow for and encourage informal meetings and get togethers among TruLab employees,” said David Chung, Chief Operating Officer of TruLab. “We work best when we work as a team, and it’s just not easy to work cohesively as a team unless you have a space to gather together and work alongside one another. We believe we’ve found the perfect hub for working alongside each other in this new office space in downtown Durham.”

TruLab will begin operations in the new building on Mangum Street effective immediately.

About TruLab

TruLab, Inc. is a clinical trial technology company that provides cutting edge solutions for biological sample tracking on blockchain. TruLab’s mission is to help biotechs and pharma track samples in real-time, minimize protocol deviations and eliminate paper using innovative mobile technology.  Founded in 2018, TruLab is revolutionizing biosample tracking to advance the research and development of new medical therapies.  For more information, visit