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A Revolutionary industry Depending on ancicent technology

We can do better than pen and paper when it comes to cutting-edge clinical trials 

Mistake-Filled Clutter

Where Things stand

Clutter and Mess

Current paper log systems involve logs being created (often unreliably) at every step at the clinical site and then being sent to a central hub for manual data entry. A mobile system that digitizes this whole process and immediately uploads data to a central database at every step just makes sense.

Simple and Accurate Tracking


Bringing Pharmaceuticals Trials Into The 21st Century


Tracking samples in a truly end-to-end manner, from collection to repository.

The current method isn’t working. 20% of samples are lost or deemed unusable in late-stage trials in a cutting-edge industry still dependent on archaic technology.


Harnessing the power of blockchain technology to allow smart tech to go to work tracking samples in critical trials.

Our goal is to completely eliminate paper logbooks and other archaic processes that consistently lead to lost or unusable samples and replace paper logbooks with smartphones.

Samples Lost in late-stage trials


average Cost of locating missing sample


Problems that occur at the clinical site


Minutes required to locate just one lost sample


current tracking is a nightmare

Clinical study site shipped primary and backup biomarker and PK samples for the most critical study visits in a single shipment overnight due to tight analysis timelines for LPLV.

Shipping company lost the shipment for two weeks – all samples were compromised. Patient data essentially worthless without this critical longitudinal timepoint.

– Biomarker Sample Manager of Major Biotechnology Company

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