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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Below are some common questions that come up across studies. For protocol-specific questions, please submit a support ticket above or email


What if Wi-Fi goes down?

The device will default to offline mode – any completed task will store in the app.  Once the device reconnects to the network the data will update.  You cannot continue using the app when it is in offline mode.


What if I forgot my pin to log in to TruLab?

If you forget your pin, please submit a support ticket above or email to be reset.


What if I need to switch from Clinical mode to Lab mode because I am a dual-enrolled employee (clinical staff team member and lab staff team member) and I may need to go to the lab after hours to process samples?

To switch modes, click on the initials of the user in the upper right hand corner and a dropdown to select the mode will display.


What if I need to use a coworker’s device to do a scan?

Simply logout of TruLab on the device as your coworker, and log back in with your PIN number. This step is important to maintain an accurate audit trail of the individual performing events/tasks.


Can more than one person work with a given subject at a time?

Yes, multiple individuals can work with the same patient concurrently but specific tasks can only be completed once and by one person. I.e., one person can draw a PK sample while another is aliquoting a urine sample.


What if the barcode is damaged or will not read?

Each task has a “Problem” function, utilize this option which will require annotation as to why the task was skipped; ensure that the barcode number is typed in when annotating.


What if there are unscheduled samples?

Use the Web form above to contact Support for assistance with that sample.


What if I use the wrong label for a sample?

Scan the barcode as usual.  Then cross out the pre-generated data on the mistake label and handwrite the correct data. Use the label that should have been used initially for the next task.  Scan the barcode for this correct label but cross out the pre-generated data on this one as well and handwrite the correct data.  This way these samples will not appear switched.


What if I need to contact someone about my data, data privacy in general, or compliance with GDPR and similar regulations? 

If you have any concerns about TruLab’s data privacy policies, or questions about how your data is being used, you can contact our Data Protection Officer directly by emailing


Is the best practice to scan the tube before or after aliquoting?

Scanning should take place after the task is completed to ensure accurate log time.


Do you have training resources available for sites?

Customer support is available 24/7 for specific questions and adhoc training if necessary. Additional training can be scheduled by contacting customer support.


Do you update the app every time there is a protocol amendment (which may affect the schedule of activities) and how quickly will the update take place?

Yes. The app will be updated to mirror any protocol amendments. TruLab will directly contact users if an app update is needed and will support users through that process. The app is typically updated within an hour. The update will automatically take place without user interaction.


How much additional time will lab staff spend using TruLab?

Entries take an average of 4 seconds to scan and log. However, we typically also see time savings due to the application being a “digital assistant” that is configured with the schedule of assessment and parallels the lab manual. TruLab helps the user organize their varied and specific tasks and can even send proactive alerts.


What if my question isn’t listed above? 

Email us at and we will respond shortly.