The days of throwing out mismanaged sample data are over

Real-Time Sample Tracking

Sample issues are out. Smart tech is in.

At TruLab we are harnessing the power of mobile technology to put smart tech to work. Our encrypted technology provides a secure and intelligent way to track samples throughout the clinical trial process.

Gone are the days of principal investigators and CROs trying to explain that due to “irregularities”, 20% of the samples* in a trial were lost or deemed otherwise unusable. Clinical trials should be an easy, straightforward process after years of hard work developing a new pharmaceutical.

TruLab’s solution allows for real-time tracking of samples for the entirety of the clinical trial, from collection to biobank.

No more lost samples. No more swapped samples. No more issues with data.


*On average, 20% of samples are lost in late-stage clinical trials


Paper Logbooks Are So 1747

And that’s just not how we do things anymore.

In 1747, Dr. James Lind conducted the world’s first modern clinical trial, feeding sailors different foods and recording with pen and paper which foods had the most success at preventing scurvy.

Yet over 250 years later, at the height of the technology age, we are still using the same outdated data recording techniques as Dr. Lind.

It’s time for a better option.

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