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We can do better than pen and paper when it comes to cutting-edge clinical trials


End-to-End isn’t just a tagline for us

We value tracking samples from clinical site to sample repository – because starting your tracking midway through a trial just doesn’t make sense.

We start at the clinical site

90-95% of sample tracking issues occur at the clinical site.  Starting tracking after the clinical site just doesn’t make sense.


aliquot and freezer reminders

Push notifications that remind trial managers when it’s time to move samples and records when samples aren’t moved on time.

harness the power of mobile technology

Mobile technology is allowing the world to evolve to grow smarter. It’s time to employ the tech we use to track our Amazon packages to track our samples throughout the clinical trial process.


No software solution is useful unless end-users actually want adopt it. We’ve designed our mobile app with the end-user in mind so that management isn’t the only one excited about better sample tracking.

Unmatchable customer service

When you partner with TruLab, you are doing more than just downloading new software. Partnerships with TruLab offer real relationships with experts who care about your business and are available 24/7.

About TruLab

TruLab was started by technology and medical professionals for pharmaceutical developers.

We know how to use the technology of tomorrow to solve the problems of today. You know how to create, develop, and launch life-saving pharmaceuticals.  Let’s work together.

Central Labs

Real-time sample reconciliation at the site level is here. Our technology easily integrates with Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) to allow for ease in data management and transfer from site to lab.

Clinical Sites

Replace your paper logbooks with mobile-powered sample tracking that’s easily available for download on staff’s mobile devices. Know exactly where samples are at times and be alerted the second an issue arises.

Contract Research Organizations

Real-time sample reconciliation at the site level is here. No more needing to wait until samples arrive at the clinical site to perform sample reconciliation. Reconcile data in real time as soon as it is collected.


After months of ground-breaking work developing new life-changing pharmaceuticals, the clinical trial should be the easy part. The mobile-powered sample tracking provided by our solution gives you better data quicker and for a lower cost thanks to fewer samples being thrown out due to mismanagement.

From Our Founder

Smart Tech That’s Unapologetically Human

“Proper sample tracking and management is complex and involved. The solution is a strong mix between the right technology as well as the human change management component.

You need not only a technological solution that weaves all the components together, but also you buy-in from disjointed parties with differing priorities and competing commercial interests.

The technology has to work to get the real-time data the sponsor needs, while making life easier for the study staff at the sites and the lab technicians at the bioanalytical labs.”

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