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Join us for a panel discussion with a Principal Investigator and Patient on how current practices in clinical trials magnify patient burden.

Patient burden in clinical trials is a growing area of concern for patients, their families, physicians, and the research community. The challenges participants face include the time commitment required for clinic visits, invasive procedures that may cause discomfort, potential side effects from experimental treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and the challenges of remaining compliant with the study protocol, to name just a few.

During our webinar, we will hear from a Principal Investigator and a Patient on how current practices in clinical trials and biospecimen management magnify patient burden.

We will discuss:

• A real patient’s unique journey so far and what it means to participate in a clinical trial

• Perspective of a Principal Investigator on patient burden in clinical trials

• Areas in modern clinical trials that place unnecessary demands on patients and the likely ethical implications of each

• Ideas on ways to potentially improve the patient experience in clinical trials


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