TruLab and Marken Join Forces to Streamline Sample Tracking and Logistics

TruLab’s Advanced Tracking Technology Combined with Marken’s Global Logistics Network Will Provide Enhanced Remote Monitoring and Compliance for Clinical Sample Management

TruLab, a leading provider of sample tracking solutions, and Marken, a global leader in clinical supply chain solutions, have announced a new partnership that will enhance the tracking and logistics of clinical samples.

“Marken is excited to partner with TruLab to provide our clients with the latest in sample tracking technology,” said Ariette van Strien, President of Marken. “Our global logistics network combined with TruLab’s advanced tracking capabilities will allow us to provide the highest level of visibility and monitoring capabilities for our clients.”

The partnership between TruLab and Marken will bring together the unique strengths of both companies to offer a more comprehensive solution to clinical trial sponsors.  This partnership will enable sponsors to track their samples seamlessly from the point of collection to delivery. It provides enhanced visibility into “what’s in the box” at the individual sample level.

“We are thrilled to partner with Marken to provide sponsors with an even more robust and integrated solution for their sample tracking needs,” said Scott Ogle, CEO of TruLab. “By combining our tracking technology with Marken’s global logistics network, we are able to offer a solution that is truly bringing clinical sample management into the 21st Century.”

The partnership between TruLab and Marken is a significant step forward in clinical research operations and logistics, enabling sponsors to track their clinical samples more effectively, while ensuring they meet the highest level of quality and regulatory requirements.

By eliminating the need for outdated data collection and manual processes, this mobile-based technology ensures uncompromised quality and efficiency to safeguard your clinical samples. Real-time alerts will notify all stakeholders of any delays, misrouting, or interventions required during the shipment process. This will allow for timely mitigation of disruptions and helps prevent the loss of sample viability.

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