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Join us for a panel discussion with veterans of the industry on the positive and negative nature of queries and their impacts on sites, sponsors, and sample logistics.

The uncomfortable reality is that no one likes queries. Queries were originally intended to become the communication vehicle to resolve issues and unclog the clinical trial process, but it has become the bane of everyone’s existence.

Instead of streamlining studies, queries are often the bottleneck to locking the database or achieving a data cut to make critical decisions. Queries are also often the source of miscommunication and misunderstanding that can put site morale at risk.

Hear from industry veterans, including a former Clinical Research Coordinator and CRO Executive, who will provide insight on the following:

• How lack of clarity and knowledge of the protocol leads to queries

• Unintended consequences of study design that increase queries unnecessarily

• Impact of issuing queries weeks or months after the event

• What clinical sites actually do in the real-world to investigate and resolve queries

• How unresolved queries can lead to delays in study milestones

• How queries impact clinical site morale

• How to set up your sites to minimize queries from the beginning


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