Decentralized Trials

Track samples from homes to repositories, and everything in between

Mistake-Filled Clutter

Where Things stand

Clutter and Mess

Current paper log systems involve logs being created (often unreliably) at every step at the clinical site and then being sent to a central hub for manual data entry. A mobile system that digitizes this whole process and immediately uploads data to a central database at every step just makes sense.

Simple and Accurate Tracking

Not All Samples Are Collected at a Clinical Site

Home is where the samples are

In the 20th century, all samples are no longer collected at clinical sites.

Samples collected from subjects’ homes provide a new arena of problems when it comes to sample tracking. Samples are collected from many different sites and then transported long distances to labs.

However many sites and however far the distance from site to lab, TruLab’s solution allows for end-to-end sample tracking that provides real-time data.

Know exactly where your samples are, whether by the ocean, in the mountains, or anywhere in between.


TruLab Sample Tracking

Samples can be queried for their last known location anywhere in the world, in real-time

With TruLab’s solution, both sponsors and trial managers can track samples both in real-time and retroactively. No more wondering if a given sample was left in the centrifuge overnight or delayed in shipping.

TruLab gives you the insights you need when you need them.

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