David Jen

Chief Executive Officer

David Jen serves as the Managing Director of Finance and Corporate Development at X, Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory, where he is responsible for driving business growth through strategic planning and partnerships. In this role, David has led investments in self-driving cars (Waymo), drone delivery (Wing), novel approaches to cyber security (Chronicle), as well as Alphabet’s bets in sustainability and accessibility.

In addition to his full-time role at X, David is also a board member at Quincus, a SaaS logistics company based in Singapore that powers some of the largest 3PLs in the world, and a venture partner at UP.Partners, where he invests in technologies that will enable a greener and more accessible planet.

Before joining X, David held various finance roles at Google and worked in consulting and banking. He is also actively involved in volunteering, serving as a board member for the Tufts University Derby School of Entrepreneurship and on the advisory committee for the Asian American Fund.