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Real-time site-level sample reconciliation is here

Paper Logbooks Are So 1747

But that’s just not how we do things anymore.

In 1747 Dr. James Lind conducted the world’s first modern clinical trial, feeding sailors different foods and recording with pen and paper which foods had the most success at preventing scurvy.

Since 1747, we have developed vaccines to prevent horrible diseases, commercialized air flight, harnessed the power of nuclear technology, and sent men to the moon.

Yet over 250 years later, at the height of the technology age, we are still using the same outdated data recording techniques as Dr. Lind.

It’s time for a better option.

Perform Sample-Reconciliation Earlier

Why wait until samples get to the central lab?


At TruLab we are harnessing the power of mobile technology to put smart tech to work. Our encrypted technology provides a secure and intelligent way to track samples throughout the clinical trial process and perform real-time sample reconciliation at the site level.

Gone are the days of waiting until samples make it to the central lab to realize the problems that occurred at the clinical site resulted in 20% of samples needing to be thrown out.*

Monitor samples in real-time and be alerted the second an issue arises so you can fix it before samples are ruined.

No more surpises at the central lab. Welcome to the better way of doing things.


*On average, 20% of samples are lost in late-stage clinical trials


No More Throwing Out Data Due to Incongruencies in Sample Management

TruLab’s solution allows both drug sponsors and trial managers to track samples in real-time.

Our solution leaves all parties happy:

Sponsors are able to access real-time data throughout the clinical trial process and receive higher quality data at the end of trials.

Clinical sites are able to swap paper logs for mobile-powered smart tech. 

Labs receive better sample management software that integrates directly into Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS).

CRO’s are able to monitor trials and perform real-time sample reconciliation at the site level.

TruLab’s solution just makes sense.  Let’s work together to bring clinical trials into the 21st century.

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