the trulab story

TruLab was created by biopharma and technology professionals to streamline clinical trials.


What began as a revolutionary approach to biological sample management has proven its value well beyond just tracking. Welcome to the world of real-time clinical trial oversight.

01. World Leader in Biological Sample Tracking

Our best-in-class technology replaces Sharpies on tubes and burdensome paper processes.

Samples are seamlessly logged at the point of collection, with all requisite data attached, reducing queries by >90%.

Stakeholders can see the location of every sample from the moment of collection all the way to the biorepository.

02. ensuring protocol compliance

Mobile guides configured to study protocol, including the most up-to-date amendments, ensure proper processes are followed and data integrity is maintained.

Proactive in-app notifications and instructions make it easy for clinical research coordinators and lab technicians to adhere to the protocol, preventing deviations.


03. real-time monitoring

Because site activities are monitored in real-time, potential protocol deviations are identified – and corrected – all while the patient visit is still occurring.

TruLab’s team ensures patient visits are conducted to plan, minimizing unnecessary follow-up visits and lost data. 

Shipping delays that threaten the viability of critical samples are escalated before it’s too late. 


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