About US

TruLab was started by technology and medical professionals for pharmaceutical developers.


We know how to use the technology of tomorrow to solve the problems of today. You know how to create, develop, and test life-saving pharmaceuticals.  Let’s work together.

01. World Leader in Biological Sample Tracking

Our mission is to be the world leader in biological sample tracking, advancing research and development of new medical therapies.

We do it by replacing sharpies on tubes and burdensome paper processes.

We may not be developing life-saving drugs but we’re empowering the companies that are.

02. We design with the end-user in mind

We understand that front-line workers are not the ones making purchase decisions for sample-tracking software.

But we also understand that software is only valuable if end-users want to use it.

At TruLab, we aim to develop sample tracking solutions with user experience that clinical site technicians will love and results that high-level executives will love.


03. trulab employees enjoy coming into work

We work hard. We have fun doing it.

We think those two sentences complement each other well, not take away from each other. Every meeting should feature laughs, smiles, and people enjoying being at work.

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