TruLab Case Studies highlight recurring issues within clinical trials

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Case Study: Incorrect Kits Detected in Real-Time

Using TruLab, sponsors can see real-time deviations during a visit with issues like incorrect kit items…Learn how by downloading the case study!

Case Study: Seeing is Believing – Overcoming Site Reluctance to Technology

TruLab works to accomodate sites’ workflows and to successfully implement real-time technology. Learn more be downloading the case study!

Case Study: Pediatric Cerebrospinal Fluid Data Integrity Protected

A recent pediatric study visit exemplified the importance of following the protocol rather than the kit contents. Download now to read more!

FDA Form 483: Failure to Reconstruct Study Activities

How did a lack of documentation freeze drug approval?

Case Study: Protocol Amendment Reveals Kits Are Cheat Sheets

Kits play a far more important role in site workflows than Sponsors expect

Case Study: Discrepancy Between Protocol and Lab Manual? Who Wins?

How does TruLab help resolve discrepancies?

Case Study: Weekend Shipment of Ambient Samples Saved

How does TruLab monitoring save samples in the time betweeen sites and central labs?

Rescue Study: Site Visibility Saves Samples

How does visibility into the “black box” save samples?

Case Study: Patient’s Screening Samples Saved

How can TruLab’s real time monitoring save samples?

Case Study: Child Goes Home Early

How are clinical trial mistakes creating unnecessary patient burden in pediatric studies?

Impact Report: Sample Queries and Holds

The following impact report was published by TruLab to help provide an understanding on how our platform impacts sample queries and holds.

Case Study: Biospecimen Management for Phase 1B Trials

A mid-sized biotech had a Phase 1B clinical trial with clinical sites in Europe and the testing labs in the US. The biomarker team was looking to solve three key challenges….

Case Study: Kits are a Problem

Are clinical sites the leading cause of sample loss and queries, or is it the kits?


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