TruLab prevented a shipment of ambient blood samples from ending up at the wrong testing lab on the other side of the country. The intervention saved these critical screening samples for a Phase 1 oncology study. As a result, not only did the patient remain in the study, but also avoided the unnecessary burden of a redraw.


The situation involved a patient’s screening visit for a complex oncology study to treat advanced tumors. The protocol called for shipping samples to various testing labs throughout North America.

The central lab often includes shipping labels in the kits sent to sites. When multiple lab destinations are involved, it creates an opportunity for the sites to grab the incorrect shipping label from the kit. If this occurs, TruLab corrects them before the shipment leaves the site.

What happens when a site grabs the correct label with the wrong information? Constantly burdened with new information, sites cannot triple-check each aspect of the shipping label.

The sponsor shifted to a new testing lab for one sample type in this case. So, the airway bills in the kit displayed the correct lab name but the incorrect lab address.

Shipment to Wrong Location Prevented

The site recorded all sample collections in the TruLab app and logged the shipment by scanning the airway bill. As the TruLab monitoring team verified the shipment, they noticed the destination lab’s address was incorrect. Instead of staying on the East Coast in the United States, the ambient blood samples were about to be shipped to the West Coast.

Once TruLab noticed the discrepancy in the shipping address, they immediately connected with the study coordinator at the site, before the package left. Over the phone, the coordinator confirmed that the shipping label had the correct lab name but the incorrect address.

TruLab provided the coordinator with the correct shipping address. As a result, the coordinator relabeled the shipment before the courier picked it up, saving the screening samples.

The TruLab difference:

  • TruLab confirmed the correct samples went to the correct lab at the correct address.
  • TruLab escalated a deviation so quickly that the site corrected the mistake before the courier picked up the shipment.
  • TruLab’s strong relationship and communication with the site resolved the problem within minutes.
  • The patient’s ambient samples ended up at the correct destination, on time and within the stability window, rather than on the opposite side of the United States.


Because the TruLab application always complies with the protocol and any ensuing amendments, sites always have access to the most up-to-date information, including any changes in the schedule of events or testing lab locations.

The TruLab software and services ensure protocol compliance. A tech-enabled, personal effort caught the shipping discrepancy in real time and corrected it within 2 hours. This early detection and prompt attention saved these precious samples, preventing undue burden on the cancer patient.

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