TruLab and Aparito Partner to Improve Rare Disease Studies

July 31 2023

Aparito and TruLab, two companies focused on improving rare disease studies, have formed a partnership to improve the efficiency and experience of clinical trials.

TruLab’s technology has gained traction in the rare disease space due to the difficulty of obtaining samples, especially from children, and the criticality of the sample for the patient’s eligibility in the study. Both Aparito’s and TruLab’s mobile platforms are designed to maintain data integrity and minimize the potential for data loss.

By leveraging Aparito’s Atom5™ platform, clinical trials can be supported in the patients’ homes using disease-specific smartphone apps, video assessments, and wearable technology to deliver meaningful data through eCOAs and digital biomarkers. 

Collectively the companies intend to reduce the burden on parents and caregivers seeking treatment for their children. The application of innovative technologies in this setting ensures that patient samples and data points are collected according to study procedures and are not lost, ultimately increasing the chances of success in the clinical trial. 

By digitizing critical procedures within the clinical trial process, TruLab and Aparito can provide real-time visibility to data collection and integrity, reduce patient and site burden, enhance the patient experience, and improve patient retention.

“We are excited to partner with TruLab to improve the collection and management of samples in rare disease studies,” said Dr Elin Haf Davies, CEO of Aparito. “Our Atom5 platform will help ensure that the patient generated data collected is of the highest quality, ultimately leading to a better clinical trial experience for people living with rare diseases.”

“We are delighted to partner with Aparito to provide a seamless solution for rare disease studies,” said Jim Wahl, Vice President of Client Services at TruLab. “Our combined technologies will enable us to provide high-quality data to support the development of treatments for rare diseases.”

The partnership between Aparito and TruLab is a significant step forward in rare disease research. With the two companies working together, researchers will have access to platforms that provide real-time visibility and improve the quality of data collected and ultimately lead to better treatments for patients with rare diseases.

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Aparito’s mission is to digitize clinical trials and accelerate drug development for patients with life-limiting diseases by supporting patient-centric clinical trials with innovative treatments. Clinical trials can be conducted within patients’ homes by leveraging our Atom5™ platform incorporating disease-specific smartphone apps, video assessments and wearable technology to deliver digital clinical trials using novel eCOA to generate continuous real-world data.  Aparito’s patient-generated data platform is disease-agnostic and scalable, ready for rapid deployment in global rare disease studies. Discover more at

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