Reduce Queries by 92.8%

Ensuring clean data before samples leave the sites, preventing testing holds and lab report delays.

Why Mobile?

Stop using Sharpies on tubes, handwriting paper forms, and manually entering data into portals.

“When I first heard of TruLab, I was highly skeptical. My first reaction was ‘that’s cute,’ there’s no way you call pull it off. The sites are going to hate you. It’s the exact opposite. This team works really well with sites. We’ve had rave reviews from our sites.”

Ray Reilly
VP of Clinical Operations

“TruLab was easy to use and helped us stay on task and organized. It also made complying with the protocol time windows very easy.

TruLab saved me hours every time I had to prepare a shipping manifest which was a huge plus, as it allowed all the sample dates and times to be populated for me.”

Abigail Lannon
Clinical Lab Lead
Medicines Evaluation Unit Ltd.

92.8% Query Reduction

TruLab prevents nearly all common queries resulting from illegible or missing data.

Eliminate delays in database lock caused by unresolved queries.


Sample Management

TruLab’s advanced tracking and monitoring provides REAL-TIME clinical site visibility.

Electronic data capture at the patient bedside eliminates pens, paper, and portals where most sample issues occur.


Why Pens and Portals Don't Work

Every data problem at clinical sites traces back to pens and portals.

Handwritten paper forms and manual data entry into portals provide a ripe environment for error.


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