Biological Sample Tracking

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20% of Samples Are Lost in Late Stage Studies

we’re here to fix that.

We provide a truly end-to-end tracking solution for use in clinical trials.  Simply download the software onto your trial managers’ mobile devices and sit back as TruLab’s blockchain technology does the rest.

Remote Site Accessioning

Don’t wait until samples reach a central lab to spot potential problems. Spot data anomalies in real-time as samples work their way through the clinical trial.

TruLab allows for constant remote accessioning of samples.

Biological Sample Tracking

20% of samples are lost or deemed unusable in late-stage trials.

Ethically, logistically, and financially, this is unacceptable.

Let’s fix that. 

Decentralized Trials

Samples are no longer exclusively collected at clinical sites. The new world of collection at residences presents a host of novel sample-tracking problems.

TruLab tracks samples wherever they are in the world, from residence to repository.

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